Matches in people

Henry Stephenson Henry Stephenson Born on Apr 16, 1871 in Granada (British West Indies), died Apr 24, 1956 in San Francisco (CA)

James Stephenson James Stephenson Born on Apr 14, 1889 in Selby (England), died Jul 29, 1941 in Pacific Palisades (CA)

Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Born on Mar 21, 1867 in Chicago (IL), died Jul 22, 1932 in Hollywood (CA)

Patricia Owens Patricia Owens Born on Jan 17, 1925 in Golden (Canada), died Aug 31, 2000 in Lancaster (CA)

Patricia Neal Patricia Neal Born on Jan 20, 1926 in Packard (KY), died Aug 8, 2010 in Edgartown (MA)

Patricia Morison Patricia Morison Born on Mar 19, 1915 in New York City (NY), died May 20, 2018

Matches in movies

The Great Ziegfeld The Great Ziegfeld (1936)

Ziegfeld Girl Ziegfeld Girl (1941)

Ziegfeld Follies Ziegfeld Follies (1945)