Matches in people

Bing Crosby Bing Crosby Born on May 3, 1903 in Tacoma (WA), died Oct 14, 1977 in Madrid (Spain)

Noel Madison Noel Madison Born on Apr 30, 1897 in New York City (NY), died Jan 6, 1975 in Fort Lauderdale (FL)

Kathryn Crosby Kathryn Crosby Born on Nov 25, 1933 in Houston (TX)

Nat Pendleton Nat Pendleton Born on Aug 9, 1895 in Davenport (IA), died Oct 12, 1967 in San Diego (CA)

William Austin William Austin Born on Jun 12, 1884 in Georgetown (British Guian), died Jun 15, 1975 in Newport Beach (CA)

Ivan Dixon Ivan Dixon Born on Apr 6, 1931 in New York City (NY), died Mar 16, 2008 in Charlotte (NC)

Matches in movies

The Bing Crosby Show The Bing Crosby Show (1954)