Matches in people

Louise Brooks Louise Brooks Born on Nov 14, 1906 in Cherryvale (KS), died Aug 8, 1985 in Rochester (NY)

Louise Dresser Louise Dresser Born on Oct 5, 1878 in Evansville (IN), died Apr 24, 1965 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns Lulu Kennedy-Cairns Born on Nov 3, 1948 in Glasgow (Scotland)

Rand Brooks Rand Brooks Born on Sep 21, 1918 in St. Louis (MO), died Sep 1, 2003 in Santa Ynez (CA)

Louise Beavers Louise Beavers Born on Mar 8, 1902 in Cincinnati (OH), died Oct 26, 1962 in Hollywood (CA)

Louise Fazenda Louise Fazenda Born on Jun 17, 1895 in Lafayette (IN), died Apr 17, 1962 in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

Matches in movies

Lulu Lulu (1953)

Louise Louise (1939)

Our Miss Brooks Our Miss Brooks (1956)

Hannibal Brooks Hannibal Brooks (1969)

Lulu Belle Lulu Belle (1948)

Lulu on the Bridge Lulu on the Bridge (1998)