Matches in people

Morgan Farley Morgan Farley Born on Oct 3, 1898 in Mamaroneck (NY), died Oct 11, 1988 in San Pedro (CA)

Ann Morgan Guilbert Ann Morgan Guilbert Born on Oct 16, 1928 in Minneapolis (MN), died Jun 14, 2016 in Los Angeles (CA)

Morgan Wallace Morgan Wallace Born on Jul 26, 1881 in Lompoc (CA), died Dec 12, 1953 in Tarzana (CA)

Dennis Morgan Dennis Morgan Born on Dec 20, 1908 in Prentice (WI), died Sep 7, 1994 in Fresno (CA)

Harry Morgan Harry Morgan Born on Apr 10, 1915 in Detroit (MI), died Dec 7, 2011 in Los Angeles (CA)

Morgan Conway Morgan Conway Born on Mar 16, 1903 in Newark (NJ), died Nov 16, 1981 in Livingston (NJ)

Matches in movies

Morgan! Morgan! (1966)

Mad Dog Morgan Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

The Great Morgan The Great Morgan (1946)

Morgan, the Pirate Morgan, the Pirate (1961)

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944)

Baby Face Morgan Baby Face Morgan (1942)