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Matches in people

Kenneth More Kenneth More Born on Sep 20, 1914 in Gerrards Cross (Buckinghamshire), died Jul 12, 1982 in Fulham (London)

Kenneth Tobey Kenneth Tobey Born on Mar 23, 1917 in Oakland (CA), died Dec 22, 2002 in Rancho Mirage (CA)

Kenneth Mars Kenneth Mars Born on Apr 4, 1935 in Chicago (IL), died Feb 12, 2011 in Granada Hills (CA)

Kenneth Haigh Kenneth Haigh Born on Mar 25, 1931 in Mexborough (England), died Feb 4, 2018 in London (UK)

Kenneth Cranham Kenneth Cranham Born on Dec 12, 1944 in Dunfermline (Fife)

Kenneth Harlan Kenneth Harlan Born on Jul 26, 1895 in Boston (MA), died Mar 6, 1967 in Sacramento (CA)

Matches in movies

Day of Anger Day of Anger (1967)

Look Back in Anger Look Back in Anger (1959)

Love and Anger Love and Anger (1969)

Anger of the Gods Anger of the Gods (1947)

Heat of Anger Heat of Anger (1972)