Matches in people

Josephine Hull Josephine Hull Born on Jan 3, 1877 in Newtonville (MA), died Mar 12, 1957 in New York City (NY)

Josephine Dunn Josephine Dunn Born on May 1, 1906 in New York City (NY), died Feb 3, 1983 in Thousand Oaks (CA)

Josephine Hutchinson Josephine Hutchinson Born on Oct 12, 1903 in Seattle (WA), died Jun 4, 1998 in New York City (NY)

Gale Storm Gale Storm Born on Apr 5, 1922 in Bloomington (TX), died Jun 27, 2009 in Danville (CA)

Louise Dresser Louise Dresser Born on Oct 5, 1878 in Evansville (IN), died Apr 24, 1965 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Hattie Jacques Hattie Jacques Born on Feb 7, 1922 in Sandgate (Kent), died Oct 6, 1980 in Kensington (London)

Matches in movies

Hugo and Josephine Hugo and Josephine (1967)

Josephine and Men Josephine and Men