Matches in people

Henry O'Neill Henry O'Neill Born on Aug 10, 1891 in Orange (NJ), died May 18, 1961 in Hollywood (CA)

James Neill James Neill Born on Sep 29, 1860 in Savannah (GA), died Mar 16, 1931 in Glendale (CA)

Roy William Neill Roy William Neill Born on Sep 4, 1887 in (ship off Ireland) (Ireland), died Dec 14, 1946 in London (England)

John Forsythe John Forsythe Born on Jan 29, 1918 in Penn's Grove (NJ), died Apr 1, 2010 in Santa Ynez (CA)

John Wray John Wray Born on Feb 13, 1887 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), died Apr 5, 1940 in Los Angeles (CA)

John Gavin John Gavin Born on Apr 8, 1931 in Los Angeles (CA), died Feb 9, 2018 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Matches in movies

Little John Little John (2002)

My Son John My Son John (1952)

Big Bad John Big Bad John (1990)

John Wesley John Wesley (1954)

The Great John L. The Great John L. (1945)

Meet John Doe Meet John Doe (1941)