Matches in people

Lane Chandler Lane Chandler Born on Jun 4, 1899 in Culbertson (MT), died Sep 14, 1972 in Los Angeles (CA)

Chick Chandler Chick Chandler Born on Jan 18, 1905 in Kingston (NY), died Sep 30, 1988 in Laguna Beach (CA)

George Chandler George Chandler Born on Jun 30, 1898 in Waukegan (IL), died Jun 10, 1985 in Panorama City (CA)

Eddy Chandler Eddy Chandler Born on Mar 12, 1894 in Wilton Junction (IA), died Mar 23, 1948 in Los Angeles (CA)

Joel Grey Joel Grey Born on Apr 11, 1932 in Cleveland (OH)

Phil Harris Phil Harris Born on Jun 24, 1904 in Linton (IN), died Aug 11, 1995 in Rancho Mirage (CA)

Matches in movies

So This Is Harris! So This Is Harris! (1933)

Harris in the Spring Harris in the Spring (1937)

Bomber Harris Bomber Harris