Matches in people

Jason Robards Sr. Jason Robards Sr. Born on Dec 31, 1892 in Hillsdale (MI), died Apr 4, 1963 in Sherman Oaks (CA)

Jason Robards Jason Robards Born on Jul 26, 1922 in Chicago (IL), died Dec 26, 2000 in Bridgeport (CT)

Edward Woods Edward Woods Born on Jul 5, 1903 in Los Angeles (CA), died Oct 8, 1989 in Salt Lake City (UT)

Lila Lee Lila Lee Born on Jul 25, 1901 in Union Hill (NJ), died Nov 13, 1973 in Saranac Lake (NY)

Joi Lansing Joi Lansing Born on Apr 6, 1929 in Salt Lake City (UT), died Aug 7, 1972 in Santa Monica (CA)

Veronica Lake Veronica Lake Born on Nov 14, 1922 in Brooklyn (NY), died Jul 7, 1973 in Burlington (VT)

Matches in movies

Jason and the Argonauts Jason and the Argonauts (2000)

Dry Lake Dry Lake (1960)

Wolf Lake Wolf Lake (1980)

Lady in the Lake Lady in the Lake (1947)

A Month by the Lake A Month by the Lake (1995)

The Lake House The Lake House (2006)