Matches in people

Jane Bryan Jane Bryan Born on Jun 11, 1918 in Los Angeles (CA), died Apr 8, 2009 in Pebble Beach (CA)

Jane Merrow Jane Merrow Born on Aug 26, 1941 in London (England)

Jane Russell Jane Russell Born on Jun 21, 1921 in Bemidji (MN), died Feb 28, 2011 in Santa Maria (CA)

Jane Wyman Jane Wyman Born on Jan 5, 1917 in St. Joseph (MO), died Sep 10, 2007 in Palm Springs (CA)

Jane Wyatt Jane Wyatt Born on Aug 12, 1910 in Campgaw (NJ), died Oct 20, 2006 in Bel-Air (CA)

Jane Withers Jane Withers Born on Apr 12, 1926 in Atlanta (GA)

Matches in movies

Dr. Fischer of Geneva Dr. Fischer of Geneva (1985)

Searching for Bobby Fischer Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)

I, Jane Doe I, Jane Doe (1948)

G.I. Jane G.I. Jane (1997)

Jane Doe Jane Doe (1983)

Fun with Dick and Jane Fun with Dick and Jane (1977)