Matches in people

Richard Benedict Richard Benedict Born on Jan 8, 1920 in Palermo, Sicily (Italy), died Apr 25, 1984 in Studio City (CA)

Larry Parks Larry Parks Born on Dec 13, 1914 in Olathe (KS), died Apr 13, 1975 in Studio City (CA)

R.G. Armstrong R.G. Armstrong Born on Apr 7, 1917 in Birmingham (AL), died Jul 27, 2012 in Studio City (CA)

Gregory Gaye Gregory Gaye Born on Oct 10, 1900 in St. Petersburg (Russia), died Aug 23, 1993 in Studio City (CA)

Charles McGraw Charles McGraw Born on May 10, 1914 in Des Moines (IA), died Jul 30, 1980 in Studio City (CA)

Roddy McDowall Roddy McDowall Born on Sep 17, 1928 in Herne Hill (London), died Oct 3, 1998 in Studio City (CA)

Matches in movies

The Hungry Actors The Hungry Actors (1915)

Studio Stoops Studio Stoops (1950)

Inside Job Inside Job (1946)

The Inside Man The Inside Man (1984)

Inside Out Inside Out (1975)

Inside the Law Inside the Law (1942)