Matches in people

Glenn Strange Glenn Strange Born on Aug 16, 1899 in Weed (NM), died Sep 20, 1973 in Los Angeles (CA)

Roy Glenn Roy Glenn Born on Jun 3, 1914 in Pittsburg (KS), died Mar 12, 1971 in Los Angeles (CA)

Charles K. Feldman Charles K. Feldman Born on Apr 26, 1904 in New York City (NY), died May 25, 1968 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Owen Davis Jr. Owen Davis Jr. Born on Oct 6, 1907 in New York City (NY), died May 21, 1949 in Long Island Sound (NY)

Colin Clive Colin Clive Born on Jan 20, 1900 in St. Malo (France), died Jun 25, 1937 in Los Angeles (CA)

Glenn Ford Glenn Ford Born on May 1, 1916 in Quebec City (Canada), died Aug 30, 2006 in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles County)

Matches in movies

Joe Gould's Secret Joe Gould's Secret (2000)

The Glenn Miller Story The Glenn Miller Story (1954)