Matches in people

Gibb McLaughlin Gibb McLaughlin Born on Jul 19, 1884 in Sunderland (England) in London (England)

Emily Fitzroy Emily Fitzroy Born on May 24, 1860 in London (England), died Mar 3, 1954 in Gardena (CA)

Sheila Ryan Sheila Ryan Born on Jun 8, 1921 in Topeka (KS), died Nov 4, 1975 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns Lulu Kennedy-Cairns Born on Nov 3, 1948 in Glasgow (Scotland)

Marie Windsor Marie Windsor Born on Dec 11, 1919 in Marysvale (UT), died Dec 10, 2000 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Peggy Ashcroft Peggy Ashcroft Born on Dec 22, 1907 in Croydon (England), died Jun 14, 1991 in London (England)

Matches in movies

The Americanization of Emily The Americanization of Emily (1964)