Matches in people

Douglass Dumbrille Douglass Dumbrille Born on Oct 13, 1889 in Hamilton (Canada), died Apr 2, 1974 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Douglass Watson Douglass Watson Born on Feb 24, 1921 in Jackson (GA), died May 1, 1989 in unknown (Arizona)

George W. Hill George W. Hill Born on Apr 25, 1895 in Douglass (KS), died Aug 10, 1934 in Venice (CA)

Phyllis Haver Phyllis Haver Born on Jan 6, 1899 in Douglass (KS), died Nov 19, 1960 in Sharon (CT)

Matches in movies

The Wallop The Wallop (1921)

The Old Wallop The Old Wallop (1927)