Matches in people

Conrad Phillips Conrad Phillips Born on Apr 13, 1930 in London (England)

Conrad Nagel Conrad Nagel Born on Mar 16, 1897 in Keokuk (IA), died Feb 24, 1970 in New York City (NY)

Conrad Veidt Conrad Veidt Born on Jan 22, 1893 in Potsdam (Germany), died Apr 3, 1943 in Hollywood (CA)

Huntz Hall Huntz Hall Born on Aug 15, 1920 in New York City (NY), died Jan 30, 1999 in North Hollywood (CA)

Charlie Hall Charlie Hall Born on Aug 19, 1899 in Birmingham (England), died Dec 7, 1959 in North Hollywood (CA)

Thurston Hall Thurston Hall Born on May 10, 1882 in Boston (MA), died Feb 20, 1958 in Beverly Hills (CA)

Matches in movies

Conrad the Sailor Conrad the Sailor (1942)

The Woman in the Hall The Woman in the Hall (1947)

Dance Hall Dance Hall (1950)

Carnegie Hall Carnegie Hall (1947)

Annie Hall Annie Hall (1977)

Murder in the Music Hall Murder in the Music Hall (1946)