Matches in people

Emanuel Cohen Emanuel Cohen Born on Aug 5, 1892 in Hartford (CT), died Sep 9, 1977 in New York City (NY)

Albert J. Cohen Albert J. Cohen Born on Jun 30, 1903 in Baltimore (MD), died Oct 4, 1984 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Corey Allen Corey Allen Born on Jun 29, 1934 in Cleveland (OH), died Jun 27, 2010 in Hollywood (CA)

Sid James Sid James Born on May 8, 1913 in Hillbrow (South Africa), died Apr 26, 1976 in Sunderland (England)

Howard Caine Howard Caine Born on Jan 2, 1928 in Nashville (TN), died Dec 28, 1993 in North Hollywood (CA)

Henry Corden Henry Corden Born on Jan 6, 1920 in Montreal (Canada), died May 19, 2005 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matches in movies

Debt of Honour Debt of Honour (1936)

The Kiss of Debt The Kiss of Debt (2000)

Cohen Saves the Flag Cohen Saves the Flag (1913)