Matches in people

Virginia Grey Virginia Grey Born on Mar 22, 1917 in Los Angeles (CA), died Jul 31, 2004 in Woodland Hills (CA)

Ruth Clifford Ruth Clifford Born on Feb 17, 1900 in Pawtucket (RI), died Nov 30, 1998 in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles)

Clifford Odets Clifford Odets Born on Jul 18, 1906 in Philadelphia (PA), died Aug 18, 1963 in Los Angeles (CA)

Peggy Ann Clifford Peggy Ann Clifford Born on Mar 23, 1921 in Bournemouth (England)

R. Henry Grey R. Henry Grey Born on Jul 17, 1891 in Oakland (CA), died Apr 26, 1934 in Los Angeles (CA)

Joel Grey Joel Grey Born on Apr 11, 1932 in Cleveland (OH)

Matches in movies

Clifford Clifford (1994)

The Man in Grey The Man in Grey (1943)

The Old Grey Hare The Old Grey Hare (1944)

The Grey Hounded Hare The Grey Hounded Hare (1949)

Those High Grey Walls Those High Grey Walls (1939)