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Matches in people

Sam Elliott Sam Elliott Born on Aug 9, 1944 in Sacramento (CA)

Ross Elliott Ross Elliott Born on Jun 18, 1917 in The Bronx (NY), died Aug 12, 1999 in Los Angeles (CA)

Elliott Reid Elliott Reid Born on Jan 16, 1920 in New York City (NY), died Jun 21, 2013 in Studio City (CA)

Bill McKinney Bill McKinney Born on Sep 12, 1931 in Chattanooga (TN), died Dec 1, 2011 in Van Nuys (CA)

Alison Skipworth Alison Skipworth Born on Jul 25, 1863 in London (England), died Jul 5, 1952 in New York City (NY)

Bill Roberts Bill Roberts Born on Aug 2, 1899 in unknown (KY), died Mar 18, 1974 in Tulare County (CA)

Matches in movies

Calling Wild Bill Elliott Calling Wild Bill Elliott (1943)

My Bill My Bill (1938)

Old Bill and Son Old Bill and Son (1941)

Bill Bill (1981)

Bill: On His Own Bill: On His Own (1983)

Min and Bill Min and Bill (1930)