Matches in people

Gene Nelson Gene Nelson Born on Mar 24, 1920 in Seattle (WA), died Sep 16, 1996 in Los Angeles (CA)

Adam Williams Adam Williams Born on Nov 26, 1922 in Wall Lake (IA), died Dec 4, 2006 in Los Angeles (CA)

Bill McKinney Bill McKinney Born on Sep 12, 1931 in Chattanooga (TN), died Dec 1, 2011 in Van Nuys (CA)

Gertrude Berg Gertrude Berg Born on Oct 3, 1898 in New York City (NY), died Sep 14, 1966 in New York City (NY)

Bill Roberts Bill Roberts Born on Aug 2, 1899 in unknown (KY), died Mar 18, 1974 in Tulare County (CA)

Bill Williams Bill Williams Born on May 21, 1915 in Brooklyn (NY), died Sep 21, 1992 in Burbank (CA)

Matches in movies

My Bill My Bill (1938)

Old Bill and Son Old Bill and Son (1941)

Bill Bill (1981)

Bill: On His Own Bill: On His Own (1983)

Min and Bill Min and Bill (1930)

Wild Bill Wild Bill (1995)