Matches in people

Robert Fellows Robert Fellows Born on Aug 23, 1903 in Los Angeles (CA), died May 11, 1969 in Hollywood (CA)

Julanne Johnston Julanne Johnston Born on May 1, 1900 in Indianapolis (IN), died Dec 26, 1988 in Grosse Pointe (MI)

Anne Seymour Anne Seymour Born on Sep 11, 1909 in New York City (NY), died Dec 8, 1988 in Los Angeles (CA)

Anne Jeffreys Anne Jeffreys Born on Jan 26, 1923 in Goldsboro (NC)

Anne Francis Anne Francis Born on Sep 16, 1930 in Ossining (NY), died Jan 2, 2011 in Santa Barbara (CA)

Anne Revere Anne Revere Born on Jun 25, 1903 in New York City (NY), died Dec 18, 1990 in Locust Valley (NY)

Matches in movies

Anne One Hundred Anne One Hundred (1933)

Laughing Anne Laughing Anne (1954)

The Folly of Anne The Folly of Anne (1914)

Anne of the Indies Anne of the Indies (1951)

Sally and Saint Anne Sally and Saint Anne (1952)

Calamity Anne's Beauty Calamity Anne's Beauty (1913)