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Matches in people

Alice Davenport Alice Davenport Born on Feb 29, 1864 in New York City (NY), died Jun 24, 1936 in Los Angeles (CA)

Dickie Moore Dickie Moore Born on Sep 12, 1925 in Los Angeles (CA), died Sep 7, 2015 in Fairfield County (CT)

Clayton Moore Clayton Moore Born on Sep 14, 1914 in Chicago (IL), died Dec 28, 1999 in Los Angeles (CA)

Matt Moore Matt Moore Born on Jan 8, 1888 in County Meath (Ireland), died Jan 20, 1960 in Hollywood (CA)

Alice Ghostley Alice Ghostley Born on Aug 14, 1924 in Eve (MO), died Sep 21, 2007 in Studio City (CA)

Alice Pearce Alice Pearce Born on Oct 16, 1917 in New York City (NY), died Mar 3, 1966 in Hollywood (CA)

Matches in movies

Alice Sweet Alice Alice Sweet Alice (1977)

Alice Alice (1990)

Alice's Day at the Sea Alice's Day at the Sea (1924)

Alice Adams Alice Adams (1935)

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)

Alice's Restaurant Alice's Restaurant (1969)