Matches in people

Ruby Keeler Ruby Keeler Born on Aug 25, 1910 in Halifax (Canada), died Feb 28, 1993 in Rancho Mirage (CA)

Leon Belasco Leon Belasco Born on Oct 11, 1902 in Odessa (Russian Empire [now Ukraine]), died Jun 1, 1988 in Orange (CA)

Billy Bevan Billy Bevan Born on Sep 29, 1887 in Orange (Australia), died Nov 26, 1957 in Escondido (CA)

Dorothy Dare Dorothy Dare Born on Aug 6, 1911 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), died Oct 4, 1981 in Orange County (CA)

Andy Devine Andy Devine Born on Oct 7, 1905 in Flagstaff (AZ), died Feb 18, 1977 in Orange (CA)

Roy Rowland Roy Rowland Born on Dec 31, 1910 in New York City (NY), died Jun 29, 1995 in Orange (CA)

Matches in movies

Blood Orange Blood Orange (1953)

Mr. Lemon of Orange Mr. Lemon of Orange

Blue/Orange Blue/Orange