Matches in people

Roy Rogers Roy Rogers Born on Nov 5, 1911 in Cincinnati (OH), died Jul 6, 1998 in Apple Valley (CA)

Raoul Walsh Raoul Walsh Born on Mar 11, 1887 in New York City (NY), died Dec 31, 1980 in Simi Valley (CA)

Dale Evans Dale Evans Born on Oct 31, 1912 in Uvalde (TX), died Feb 7, 2001 in Apple Valley (CA)

June Lang June Lang Born on May 5, 1917 in Minneapolis (MN), died May 16, 2005 in Valley Village (CA)

Doris Day Doris Day Born on Apr 3, 1922 in Cincinnati (OH), died May 13, 2019 in Carmel Valley (CA)

Clint Walker Clint Walker Born on May 30, 1927 in Hartford (IL), died May 21, 2018 in Grass Valley (CA)

Matches in movies

The Last Valley The Last Valley (1971)

Down in the Valley Down in the Valley (2005)

Ambush Valley Ambush Valley (1936)

The Valley of the Giants The Valley of the Giants (1927)

Lawless Valley Lawless Valley (1938)

The Valley of Hell The Valley of Hell (1927)