Matches in people

Allen Jenkins Allen Jenkins Born on Apr 9, 1900 in Staten Island (NY), died Jul 20, 1974 in Santa Monica (CA)

Brenda Marshall Brenda Marshall Born on Sep 29, 1915 in Island of Negros (Philippines), died Jul 30, 1992 in Palm Springs (CA)

Natalie Wood Natalie Wood Born on Jul 20, 1938 in San Francisco (CA), died Nov 29, 1981 in Santa Catalina Island (CA)

Helen Mack Helen Mack Born on Nov 13, 1913 in Rock Island (IL), died Aug 13, 1986 in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)

June Haver June Haver Born on Jun 10, 1926 in Rock Island (IL), died Jul 4, 2005 in Brentwood (CA)

Guy Kibbee Guy Kibbee Born on Mar 6, 1882 in El Paso (TX), died May 24, 1956 in East Islip (Long Island)

Matches in movies

Island in the Sun Island in the Sun (1957)

Fog Island Fog Island (1945)

No Man Is an Island No Man Is an Island (1962)

Island in the Sky Island in the Sky (1953)

On an Island with You On an Island with You (1948)

The Island Inside The Island Inside (2009)