Ricardo Cortez

Ricardo Cortez
(as Dutch Barnes)

Mae LaRue: [Bursting in on Dutch and Lil in Dutch's office] I told you he was in!
[Sizing up the situation]
Mae LaRue: Hello, lover.
Dutch Barnes: [Straightening his tie nervously] Hello, Mae.
Lily 'Lil' Duran: Hello Mae? You bet he's in; he's in my hair.
[turning to Dutch]
Lily 'Lil' Duran: Why you double-crossing, two-timing slug. So that's why you want to send me to Europe, huh?
Dutch Barnes: Now wait a minute, honey, wait a minute.
Lily 'Lil' Duran: Oh, wait a minute - breezin' me off so you can play post office with this queen. What gutter'dja pick her out of?
Mae LaRue: [Doing a Mae West hand-on-hip hair fluff] I don't believe I know you.
Lily 'Lil' Duran: [Kicking her in the rump] Well how's this for an introduction?
Mae LaRue: Why I'll knock your head off and throw it right in...
[They start to wrestle]
Lily 'Lil' Duran: You and what army?
[They continue fighting and hair-pulling and yelling at each other. After thirty seconds or so, Dutch intervenes]
Dutch Barnes: [Pushing the women apart] Now listen, you two dames. What's the matter with ya?
Lefty: [to Slim] Get Jimmy.
[Lefty and Dutch go into the next room and close the door]
Dutch Barnes: [to Lefty] *There's* a couplea phone numbers for the ashcan!
Lefty: Maybe we'd better go in for nail files.
[as a next line of business]
Dutch Barnes: Shut up. Where's Jimmy?
Lefty: Slim's sending him in.
Jimmy Morrell: [Entering] Mr. Barnes, what's happened?
Dutch Barnes: My tomatoes blew up.

Allen Jenkins

Allen Jenkins
(as Lefty)

Dutch Barnes: Lefty, what's our racket?
Lefty: Beer!
Dutch Barnes: Beer, huh, you're five minutes late. We're going into the drug business.
Lefty: Not me. I got a brother doing twenty years for going into the drug business and all they found on him was two decks of coke.