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April 2, 2018

Emmy-winning writer, actor, and producer Lena Waithe has made a name for herself with projects like The Chi and Master of None, as well as roles on the silver screen like Ready Player One. The next project that she's hoping to tackle? A biopic of groundbreaking television icon Mary Tyler Moore.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Waithe revealed that Moore is a personal hero of hers, not only because she grew up watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but also because of the boundaries that Moore broke for women in the television industry.

"I read her autobiography more times than I can count," Waithe said. "Because I was obsessed with The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I was, like, who is this woman? Who is this person that everybody is wanting to be, that everybody was so happy when she came onscreen? Who was this woman who went from being Dick Van Dyke's wife [on TheDick Van Dyke Show] to the first woman to wear pants on primetime television? The first real single girl that wasn't focused on finding a man on primetime TV."

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