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Cary Grant and his then-wife Dyan Cannon with their daughter Jennifer Grant.  (Getty)

by Stephanie Nolasco

April 3, 2018

Dyan Cannon is feeling at peace these days.

For nearly five years, the Oscar-nominated actress been writing a musical, which she believes will see the bright lights of Broadway.

While she told Fox News the team has completed everything "but one song," it has already received support from Tony Award-winning director John Doyle.

The 81-year-old confirmed she would also be starring in it.

"I wouldn't work this hard if I wasn't," she joked.

According to Cannon, the play will tackle insatiable cravings.

"It's about all the things we need in life until we get them and then think, 'There's something else I need…' All those things that we need in life."

While the musical is gearing up to go into workshop, Cannon did share that her ex-husband, the late Cary Grant, will be a part of the play.

The dashing leading man who was one of Hollywood's biggest stars died in 1986 at age 82. He was the subject of Cannon's 2011 memoir, "Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant."

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