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The Magic Bow

The Magic Bow (1946)

Magic Fire

Magic Fire (1956)


Metropolitan (1935)

My Gal Sal

My Gal Sal (1942)

My Love Came Back

My Love Came Back (1940)

Night and Day

Night and Day (1946)

Once More, with Feeling!

Once More, with Feeling! (1960)

One Hundred Men and a Girl

One Hundred Men and a Girl (1937)

One Too Many

One Too Many (1950)

Orchestra Wives

Orchestra Wives (1942)

Paris Blues

Paris Blues (1961)

Pete Kelly's Blues

Pete Kelly's Blues (1955)


Puccini (1953)

The Racketeer

The Racketeer (1929)

Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue (1945)

Road to Rio

Road to Rio (1947)

Shine On, Harvest Moon

Shine On, Harvest Moon (1944)

Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Song of Scheherazade

Song of Scheherazade (1947)

A Song to Remember

A Song to Remember (1945)

Song Without End

Song Without End (1960)

Stars and Stripes Forever

Stars and Stripes Forever (1952)

The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan

The Story of Gilbert and Sulli... (1953)

Swanee River

Swanee River (1940)

Three Little Words

Three Little Words (1950)