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Bashful (1917)

A Bath House Beauty

A Bath House Beauty (1914)

Baton Bunny

Baton Bunny (1959)

The Battle at Elderbush Gulch

The Battle at Elderbush Gulch (1913)

Battle of the Century

Battle of the Century (1927)

The Battle Royal

The Battle Royal (1916)

Be Big!

Be Big! (1931)

Be Human

Be Human (1936)

Be My Wife

Be My Wife (1921)

Be Your Age

Be Your Age (1926)

Bear Facts

Bear Facts (1938)

Bear Shooters

Bear Shooters (1930)

The Bear That Couldn't Sleep

The Bear That Couldn't Sleep ()

The Bear that Wasn't

The Bear that Wasn't (1967)

Bears and Bad Men

Bears and Bad Men (1918)

Beat It

Beat It (1918)

Beating the Game

Beating the Game (1921)

Beau Hunks

Beau Hunks (1931)

Beauties in Distress

Beauties in Distress (1918)

Bedlam in Paradise

Bedlam in Paradise (1955)

Bedtime Worries

Bedtime Worries (1933)

Beer and Pretzels

Beer and Pretzels (1933)

Beer Barrel Polecats

Beer Barrel Polecats ()

Bees in His Bonnet

Bees in His Bonnet (1918)

The Bees' Buzz

The Bees' Buzz (1929)