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No Love for Johnnie

No Love for Johnnie (1961)

Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961)

Flower Drum Song

Flower Drum Song (1961)

A Man in Our House

A Man in Our House (1961)

Cash on Demand

Cash on Demand (1961)

The Explosive Generation

The Explosive Generation (1961)

The Queen's Guards

The Queen's Guards (1961)

Dentist on the Job

Dentist on the Job (1961)

The Secret Ways

The Secret Ways (1961)

A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey (1961)

The Young Ones

The Young Ones (1961)

The Canadians

The Canadians (1961)

The Hellions

The Hellions (1961)

Two Loves

Two Loves (1961)

Madame Sans-Gêne

Madame Sans-Gêne (1961)


Ada (1961)

The Greengage Summer

The Greengage Summer (1961)

Carry On Regardless

Carry On Regardless (1961)


Dondi (1961)

Everything's Ducky

Everything's Ducky (1961)

The Steel Claw

The Steel Claw (1961)

Johnny Nobody

Johnny Nobody (1961)

Bankraub in der Rue Latour

Bankraub in der Rue Latour (1961)

Swingin' Along

Swingin' Along (1961)

The Right Approach

The Right Approach (1961)