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Hello, Annapolis

Hello, Annapolis (1942)

Laugh Your Blues Away

Laugh Your Blues Away (1942)

Parachute Nurse

Parachute Nurse (1942)

Shut My Big Mouth

Shut My Big Mouth (1942)

Sweetheart of the Fleet

Sweetheart of the Fleet (1942)

The Spirit of Stanford

The Spirit of Stanford (1942)

Two Yanks in Trinidad

Two Yanks in Trinidad (1942)

Spanish Fiesta

Spanish Fiesta (1942)

We Were Dancing

We Were Dancing (1942)

Un garibaldino al convento

Un garibaldino al convento (1942)


Syncopation (1942)

Crazy Cruise

Crazy Cruise (1942)

Black Dragons

Black Dragons (1942)

Mr. Wise Guy

Mr. Wise Guy (1942)

Escape from Hong Kong

Escape from Hong Kong (1942)

The Strange Case of Doctor Rx

The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942)

What's Cookin'?

What's Cookin'? (1942)

Give Out, Sisters

Give Out, Sisters (1942)

Behind the Eight Ball

Behind the Eight Ball (1942)

Pacific Rendezvous

Pacific Rendezvous (1942)

The Navy Comes Through

The Navy Comes Through (1942)

Sing Your Worries Away

Sing Your Worries Away (1942)

Army Surgeon

Army Surgeon (1942)

Seven Sweethearts

Seven Sweethearts (1942)

The Vanishing Virginian

The Vanishing Virginian (1942)