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Three Faces West

Three Faces West (1940)

No Time for Comedy

No Time for Comedy (1940)

Opened by Mistake

Opened by Mistake (1940)


Maryland (1940)

Young People

Young People (1940)

Boom Town

Boom Town (1940)


Pinocchio (1940)

Dark Command

Dark Command (1940)

Dreaming Out Loud

Dreaming Out Loud (1940)

Comrade X

Comrade X (1940)

Lady with Red Hair

Lady with Red Hair (1940)

Arise, My Love

Arise, My Love (1940)

Half a Sinner

Half a Sinner (1940)


Contraband (1940)

Charlie Chan in Panama

Charlie Chan in Panama (1940)

Sailor's Lady

Sailor's Lady (1940)

Brigham Young

Brigham Young (1940)

Winners of the West

Winners of the West (1940)

My Little Chickadee

My Little Chickadee (1940)

Christmas in July

Christmas in July (1940)

I Want a Divorce

I Want a Divorce (1940)

You Natzy Spy!

You Natzy Spy! (1940)

Knute Rockne All American

Knute Rockne All American (1940)

East Side Kids

East Side Kids (1940)

Northwest Passage

Northwest Passage (1940)