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Songs and Saddles

Songs and Saddles (1938)

Spirit of Youth

Spirit of Youth (1938)

Heart of the North

Heart of the North (1938)

No Time to Marry

No Time to Marry (1938)

Radio City Revels

Radio City Revels (1938)

On the Great White Trail

On the Great White Trail (1938)

The Chaser

The Chaser (1938)

Little Miss Thoroughbred

Little Miss Thoroughbred (1938)

The Lone Wolf in Paris

The Lone Wolf in Paris (1938)

The Viper

The Viper (1938)

Thank Evans

Thank Evans (1938)

Everything Happens to Me

Everything Happens to Me (1938)

Swing, Sister, Swing

Swing, Sister, Swing (1938)

Always in Trouble

Always in Trouble (1938)

Meet the Girls

Meet the Girls (1938)

One Wild Night

One Wild Night (1938)

Time Out for Murder

Time Out for Murder (1938)


Rascals (1938)

Goodbye Broadway

Goodbye Broadway (1938)

In Old Mexico

In Old Mexico (1938)


Mollenard (1938)

The Gaunt Stranger

The Gaunt Stranger (1938)

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (1938)

Touchdown, Army

Touchdown, Army (1938)

Wide Open Faces

Wide Open Faces (1938)