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They Won't Forget

They Won't Forget (1937)

Stolen Holiday

Stolen Holiday (1937)

Maid of Salem

Maid of Salem (1937)

I Met Him in Paris

I Met Him in Paris (1937)

Bank Alarm

Bank Alarm (1937)

The Gold Racket

The Gold Racket (1937)

Dark Journey

Dark Journey (1937)

Exiled to Shanghai

Exiled to Shanghai (1937)

Varsity Show

Varsity Show (1937)

Charlie Chan on Broadway

Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937)

High, Wide, and Handsome

High, Wide, and Handsome (1937)

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937)

Bill Cracks Down

Bill Cracks Down (1937)

The Last Gangster

The Last Gangster (1937)

Torture Money

Torture Money (1937)

Slave Ship

Slave Ship (1937)

Circus Girl

Circus Girl (1937)

Grand Illusion

Grand Illusion (1937)

The Perfect Specimen

The Perfect Specimen (1937)

Easy Living

Easy Living (1937)

Rhythm in the Clouds

Rhythm in the Clouds (1937)

On Again-Off Again

On Again-Off Again (1937)

The Vicar of Bray

The Vicar of Bray (1937)

The Edge of the World

The Edge of the World (1937)

Fire Over England

Fire Over England (1937)