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To Mary - with Love

To Mary - with Love (1936)

Big Brown Eyes

Big Brown Eyes (1936)


Spendthrift (1936)

Darkest Africa

Darkest Africa (1936)

Partie de campagne

Partie de campagne (1936)

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Christmas Comes But Once a Yea... (1936)

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights (1936)

Ghost Patrol

Ghost Patrol (1936)

Lightnin' Bill Carson

Lightnin' Bill Carson (1936)

Border Caballero

Border Caballero (1936)

The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den (1936)

Federal Agent

Federal Agent (1936)

Burning Gold

Burning Gold (1936)


Cavalry (1936)

Last of the Warrens

Last of the Warrens (1936)

Below the Deadline

Below the Deadline (1936)

Ceiling Zero

Ceiling Zero (1936)

The Road to Glory

The Road to Glory (1936)

Human Cargo

Human Cargo (1936)

Oh, Susanna!

Oh, Susanna! (1936)

Framing Father

Framing Father (1936)

High Beer Pressure

High Beer Pressure (1936)

One Live Ghost

One Live Ghost (1936)

Swing It

Swing It (1936)


Vocalizing (1936)