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Yours, Mine and Ours (1968) was a Comedy - Family Film directed by Melville Shavelson and produced by Robert F. Blumofe.

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Mike Beardsley: [confronting Helen about her pregnancy] You knew about it Christmas Day, didn't you?
Helen North: Yes.
Mike Beardsley: And you still let Dad ship out. Why?
Helen North: He wanted so much to go. Two people can't live with an ocean between them for the rest of their lives.
Mike Beardsley: Do you really want this baby?
Helen North: Very much. You see, he won't have to worry whether he's a Beardsley or a North.
[Mike nods his head in understanding]

Colleen North: Larry says he'll never speak to me again unless I grow up. He says that I'm being ridiculous and I don't love him, but I do love him. Am I being ridiculous?
Frank Beardsley: You're not being ridiculous.
Colleen North: Well, do all the other girls, like Larry says? And am I just being old-fashioned?
Frank Beardsley: The same idiots were passing the same rumors when I was your age, but if all the girls did, how come I always ended up with the ones who didn't?
Colleen North: But it's all different now!
Frank Beardsley: I don't know, they wrote Fanny Hill in 1742 and they haven't found anything new since.
Veronica Beardsley: Who's Fanny Hill?
Frank Beardsley: Go to bed, that's who Fanny Hill is.

Howard Beardsley: Is, uh, is this the Beardsleys' new house?
Nancy Beardsley: We've come to deliver the babies.
Family Doctor: Oh, have a heart! Leave them on somebody else's doorstep.

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Loosely based on the book 'Who Gets the Drumstick?' Similar to The Sound of Music, there were a lot of changes made for the movie whereas in the actual book and real life, the children had a better liking to each other right away. Also, Frank and Helen actually had two children together.
Helen Eileen Beardsley (who wrote the book Who Gets the Drumsticks? on which this was based) died 26 April 2000, aged 70, Healdsburg, California, USA (Parkinson's disease).
The wedding scene was filmed in the old Mission Dolores church in San Francisco, California, directly next door to the large, modern church built after the 1906 earthquake. Services are seldom held in the old church, which is more of a tourist attraction.
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