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Walk on the Wild Side (1962) was a Drama Film directed by Edward Dmytryk and produced by Charles K. Feldman and Joseph Lebworth.

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Walk on the Wild Side (1962)

By Beatrice on Aug 23, 2017 From Flickers in Time

Walk on the Wild Side Edward Dmytryck Written by John Fante and Edmund Morris from a novel by Nelson Algren 1962/USA Famous Artists Productions/Famartists Productions; Columbia Pictures Corporation First viewing/Netflix rental Kitty Twist: I run the candy concession. The cast list and the subject... Read full article

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Preacher: Jezebel! That's right, I mean you! Now both of you sinners are hurrying past.
Dove Linkhorn: You got no business with us mister.
Preacher: Oh, sinners is my business. You and that hip-slinging daughter of Satan. You know there's the smell of sulfur and brimstone about you. The smell of hellfire.
Dove Linkhorn: Who ordained preacher?
Preacher: I am self-ordained son; I had the call.
Dove Linkhorn: You were called by the wrong voice mister.
Preacher: Lord strike this sinner down. Send a bolt down to smite and consume the blasphemer now!
Dove Linkhorn: He won't hear you. Cause you no friend of God or man - standing there hollering hate to the world. God is love. God is mercy and forgiveness. Try preaching that sometime Mr. Preacher. Teach people to forgive, not to crawl in fear. Teach people to love, not hate. preach the good book - preach the truth.

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During the filming, Capucine objected to filming kissing scenes with Laurence Harvey, feeling that he was not manly enough for her. Harvey reportedly replied, "Perhaps if you were more of a woman, I would be more of a man. Honey, kissing you is like kissing the side of a beer bottle."
Several contemporary reviewers mentioned that, although the film was set in the 1930s, Capucine seemed to be wearing contemporary (1962) fashions. Director Edward Dmytryk stated that it was because she was the "protege" of producer Charles K. Feldman, who decreed that, despite the film's 1930s setting, she would be dressed in the latest Pierre Cardin designs.
Anne Baxter was pregnant during the filming.
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Also directed by Edward Dmytryk

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Also produced by Charles K. Feldman

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Also released in 1962

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