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Virtue (1932) was a Drama - Black-and-white Film directed by Edward Buzzell .

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Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

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Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) on Blu-ray

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CLFP: “Virtue” (1932) (3)

By Lara on Mar 5, 2013 From Backlots

When I learned that Virtue was to be a part of the pre-code festival at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco this evening, I knew I had to go. This is one of Carole Lombard’s more well-known movies, but one which is rarely seen. This was, perhaps, my one chance to see this movie and review it fo... Read full article

Hitchcock Double Feature! Easy Virtue (’28) and Blackmail (’29)

By Lindsey on Jun 25, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

On a recent movie night extravaganza, my mom (who I’m swiftly converting into a classic film fan!) surprised me by picking up a Hitchcock two-film DVD at the library for us to watch. The DVD includes 1928′s Easy Virtue and 1929′s Blackmail, along with an introduction by Tony Curtis... Read full article

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Quotes from

[first lines]
Flanagan: [at the ticket window at a train station] Pretty soft for you, sister, getting the city to pay your fare to Danbury.
Mae: Pretty soft for the city I don't live in Australia. C'mon, grandpa.
Flanagan: [on the train, placing Mae's luggage on the rack] There y'are.
[to the conductor]
Flanagan: The lady goes to Danbury, chief.
[to Mae]
Flanagan: Now take my advice, sister, and keep out of New York.
Mae: [snidely] OK, grandpa. I'll remember all your advice: I'll watch my diet, go to the dentist twice a year, keep my nose clean, and pray for you every night - to break a couple of legs.
[closeup on Mae's gams as she crosses them; fadeout]

Lil Blair: [at Lil's apartment at the Wellington Manor. "Frivolous Sal" is playing in the background] Danbury. That's where they make hats, ain't it?
Mae: Yeah, I'da gone there, only I got a hat.
Lil Blair: I been there once. Great town. They don't bury their dead - just let 'em walk around.
Mae: Sounds like just the place for me.
Lil Blair: How ya fixed for money, kid?
Mae: Who me? Oh, I'm OK. Say, money's the last thing I think about.
Lil Blair: Yeah, every night before falling asleep. C'mere, babe. You can't kid this old-timer; you're moving right in here with me.
Mae: I wish I could, Lil, but I can't take a chance. I gotta lay low for awhile. Runnin' into that dick wouldn't be too healthy for me. And in a joint like this? Oh!
Lil Blair: Put that record on again, willya Mae? Gee, that song does somthin' to me; kinda gives me a funny little pain.
Mae: [sardonically] Where?
Lil Blair: What's eatin' ya kid?
Mae: Me? Nothing. I got no kick comin'. I got a beautiful home on Long Island, four or five Rolls Royces... and a big stiff pain in the neck.
Lil Blair: Listen, you're lettin' this get under your skin. I wanna tell you somethin': hangin' around me ain't gonna do ya any good. Why don't you get out? You're young and pretty...
Mae: Did you ever try it? You've been around a long time.
Lil Blair: Since I was seventeen.
Mae: You did your Christmas shopping early.
Lil Blair: Mmmm. I found out there wasn't any Santy Claus, too. Oh, I coulda got out of it once, but I had a rotten break: I fell in love. Don't ever let that happen to you, Mae. Get out while you can.
Mae: [wistful] Yeah. Try and get out. Once you're in, you're in. It's like hopping out of a window; when you jump, you just naturally gotta keep going.

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Facts about

Carole Lombard and the president of Columbia Pictures, Harry Cohn, met for the first time right before production on this film began. Cohn, famous for his opinionated and profanity laced comments, told Lombard that her hair was too white and made her look like a whore. Not missing a beat, Lombard responded, "if anyone would know a whore it would be you." After this rocky start, the two developed a mutual respect that lasted the rest of their careers.
One of the last films to feature prostitution as a major theme before the rigid enforcement of the Hayes Code.
'Carole Lombard' made this film for Columbia Pictures while on loan from Paramount.
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Also directed by Edward Buzzell

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Also released in 1932

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