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Union Depot (1932) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by Alfred E. Green and produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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"Union Depot" and the Warner Regulars

By David on Sep 24, 2012 From The Man on the Flying Trapeze

In their underrated 1978 film "Movie Movie" director Stanley Donen and screenwriters Larry Gelbart and Sheldon Keller paid homage to the 1930s movies they loved as kids. To do this, Gelbart and Keller wrote two 45-minute movies -- one a black-and-white boxing film, the other a musical in color -- so... Read full article

Union Depot (1932) (2)

By Lindsey on Jul 1, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

(Image via hollywoodrevue.wordpress.com) Alfred E. Green’s Union Depot (1932) starts off by setting up the frantic pace of – what else? – a busy metropolitan train station. Moving around the depot, the film shows a wide range of people saying goodbye to loved ones, boarding trains ... Read full article

Union Depot (1932) (1)

By Angela on Nov 1, 2011 From Hollywood Revue

Train Stations are always full of activity and the night that drifters Chick Miller (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) and his friend Scrap (Guy Kibbee) get out of jail is no exception.? Once they’re out, they head over to the train station to try to catch a break.? Chick hits the jackpot when he finds ... Read full article

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Panhandler Wanting One Dollar: Hey buddy, would you give a poor man a dollar?
Charles 'Chick' Miller: A dollar? You got a lot of nerve! If you'd asked for a dime or a quarter, I might have done something.
Panhandler Wanting One Dollar: [Indignantly] Say, listen, all I asked you is to give me a buck. You don't wanna give it to me, say so, but don't tell me how to run my business!
Charles 'Chick' Miller: [laughing admiringly at his independent spirit] That wins a dollar, beau!
[He tosses him the money]

Scrap Iron Scratch: [Last lines] Gentleman for a day.
Charles 'Chick' Miller: [as they walk down the tracks] C'mon. Let's get goin'.

Scrap Iron Scratch: You just can't keep away from windows with bars, can you, Chick?
Charles 'Chick' Miller: Oh, bars ain't half bad, Scrap Iron, not when you're on the outside lookin' in.

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Facts about

Unlike the films of the period, "Union Depot" displays its credits at the end, not the beginning.
Although the play was unpublished, it was copyrighted on 3 December 1929.
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