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Undersea Kingdom Overview:

Undersea Kingdom (1936) was a Science Fiction - Adventure Film directed by Joseph Kane and B. Reeves Eason and produced by Nat Levine.

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Quotes from

Diana Compton: Are you actually proposing to move this huge metal tower? Why?
Unga Khan: Because it contains all the machinery that has enabled me to harness the atom, the most destructive force known to science. Once I reach the surface I will become the ruler of the upper world... or destroy it!
Diana Compton: Professor Norton would never agree to such a fiendish plan!
Prof. Norton: He's insane if he thinks I will.
Unga Khan: We have ways of persuading people to do our bidding.

Prof. Norton: And this was where the ancient continent of Atlantis was reported to have sunk thousands of years ago. Contrary to popular belief, Atlantis did not sink overnight, but during a period of years. During this time, the people had ample opportunity to construct a roof of orecalcum over the city and keep out the ocean waves. Thus Atlantis, though lost, still lives.

Briny Deep: I'm gonna fry a parrot one of these days.

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Facts about

The serial was completed in 25 days.
The Volkite robots here, refurbished, became the "Republic Robot" that debuted in Mysterious Doctor Satan.
Chapter titles:
  • 1. Beneath The Ocean Floor
  • 2. Undersea Kingdom
  • 3. Arena of Death
  • 4. Revenge of The Volkites
  • 5. Prisoners of Atlantis
  • 6. Juggernaut Strikes
  • 7. Submarine Strikes
  • 8. Into The Metal Tower
  • 9. Death In The Air
  • 10. Atlantis Destroyed
  • 11. Flaming death
  • 12. Ascent To The Upperworld

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Also directed by B. Reeves Eason

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