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To the Last Man (1933) was a Western - Black-and-white Film directed by Henry Hathaway .

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Granny Spelvin: It ain't honorable to take a family feud to court. It won't spill no blood for you.
Mark Hayden: I want no blood spilled for me.
Granny Spelvin: Then you're puttin' yourself above the Prophets! An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It's in the Book!

[Lynn has rescued Ellen from Daggs's unwanted attentions]
Ellen Colby: Thanks, stranger.
Lynn Hayden: Glad I happened by.
Ellen Colby: Wouldn't have made much difference. I never seen the man I couldn't handle. Better put that hat on, 'fore the sun hits you any worse.
Lynn Hayden: Thanks, lady.
Ellen Colby: [taken aback] Lady!
Ellen Colby: [seeing Lynn eyeing her approvingly] What are you starin' at?
Lynn Hayden: A lady.

Ellen Colby: I ain't used ta bein' polite at!

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Shirley Temple later chose Delmar Watson to play Peter in Heidi because she had worked with him in this film.
During a scene that called for Shirley Temple to hold a tea party in a barn, a mule in the barn began eating the sugar cubes on the table. Director Henry Hathaway recalled, "Shirley was irritated and tried to shoo him away. Then this mule got irritated. He turned around, and with his two back legs he hauled off at her with a kick. Shirley ducked and he missed, but instead of stopping or running away, she strode over and kicked the mule back."
The landslide sequence includes a lot of archive footage from the silent version, To the Last Man, filmed ten years earlier.
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