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To Sir, with Love Overview:

To Sir, with Love (1967) was a Drama - Film Adaptation Film directed by James Clavell and produced by James Clavell and John R. Sloan.

The film was based on the autobiographical novel of the same name written by E. R. Braithwaite at the autobiographical 1959.


An out-of-work engineer, Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier), turns to teaching in London's East End until he can find an engineering job. As a novice teacher, Thackeray must deal with a rowdy bunch of undisciplined 'working class' students who try to break his spirit at every turn. But Thackeray perseveres and meets the challenge by trying a different teaching approach -- treating the 'kids' as young adults who will soon enter the work force where they must stand or fall on their own. Upon finally being offered an engineering job at the end of the semester, Thackeray must make a profound and life-altering decision...


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Quotes from

Pamela Dare: Do you two...
[wiggling her hips]
Pamela Dare: Do you two shake?

Mark Thackeray: I lost my temper -- the one thing I swore I would never, never do. God, did I lose my temper. I never would have thought it. Of all of the bull I've taken in my life -- in a few short weeks those kids have got me so steamed up so? so easy, so quickly. I never would have thought it.

Mark Thackeray: [entering classroom and seeing smoke] All you boys, out. Girls stay where you are. Out.
[closes door]
Mark Thackeray: I am sick of your foul language, your crude behavior and your sluttish manner. There are certain things a decent woman keeps private, and only a filthy slut would have done this and those who stood by and encouraged her are just as bad. I don't care who's responsible - you're all to blame. Now, I am going to leave this room for five minutes by which time that disgusting object had better be removed and the windows opened to clear away the stench. If you must play these filthy games, do them in your homes, and not in my classroom!

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Facts about

The first movie role for Michael Des Barres.
The film did so unexpectedly well in America that Columbia Pictures did market research to find out why so many people had gone to it. Their answer: Sidney Poitier.
The first movie role for Patricia Routledge.
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