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Titanic (1953) was a Action - Drama Film directed by Jean Negulesco and produced by Charles Brackett.

Academy Awards 1953 --- Ceremony Number 26 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Lyle Wheeler, Maurice Ransford; Set Decoration: Stuart ReissNominated
Best WritingCharles Brackett, Walter Reisch, Richard BreenWon

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Quotes from

Richard Sturges: [after Richard has rejected his son Norman when Richard discovers that he is not Norman's true father] As you pointed out, Norman and I began as strangers. So be it.
Julia Sturges: Oh, my poor Richard. How you hate me, and for the wrong reasons. Not because I committed an offense against common decency, but because Norman isn't an elegant extension of Richard Ward Sturges. For you what happened isn't a mortal sin, it's an inexcusable breach of etiquette.
Richard Sturges: Thank you, Julia. I stand reproved.

Richard Sturges: You crazy woman. You're talking about the most important thing in my life. I have plans for Norman.
Julia Sturges: What plans? That he should grow up to be you?
Richard Sturges: Possibly. I'm satisfied. Is it so extraordinary that I should want to have some hint, some portion of myself survive?
Julia Sturges: Some portion of... Oh yes, I forgot, the best dressed man of his day. That's what they're going to put on your tombstone. Well, that may be all right for you, but I won't have it for Norman. He stays with me!

Richard Sturges: [after a crewman plays a trumpet to announce dinner] Why do the British find it necessary to announce dinner as if it were a calvalry charge.

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Facts about

The poem that Julia recites to Gifford is "When I Aas One-and-Twenty", number XIII by A.E. Housman from his book A Shropshire Lad.
Some of the original Titanic survivors were invited to a tear-filled special screening of the film in New York.
Working titles for this film were "Nearer My God to Thee" and "Passenger List."
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Best Writing Oscar 1953

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Also directed by Jean Negulesco

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Also produced by Charles Brackett

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