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Tickle Me (1965) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Norman Taurog .

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Musical Monday: Tickle Me (1965)

on Oct 11, 2021 From Comet Over Hollywood

It?s no secret that the Hollywood Comet loves musicals. In 2010, I revealed I had seen 400 movie musicals over the course of eight years. Now that number is over 600. To celebrate and share this musical love, here is my weekly feature about musicals. This week?s musical: Tickle Me (1965) ? Musical #... Read full article

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Estelle Penfield: You've got to be kidding me
Lonnie Beale: [shrugs] Sorry, dietician's orders.
Estelle Penfield: But it's such a little steak, and I'm so hungry. Listen, Lonnie, if you would give me another steak, I would be very grateful. Do we understand each other?
Lonnie Beale: [pauses] No.

Vera Radford: Oh, no, of course not. Stanley, please get Mr. and Mrs. Dabney fixed up. Will you please get them some more chicken?
Mr. Dabney: Yes, and get us a chicken that won't fly away this time.
Vera Radford: Oh
Vera Radford: of course.
[turning to Mrs. Dabney]
Vera Radford: Are you all right, dear?
Mrs. Dabney: Well, I think I am.
Vera Radford: Of course, you're gonna have some more dinner, and now we're going to have some entertainment. All right?
Mr. Dabney: Oh that's nice!
Vera Radford: Lonnie. I think we better start the entertainment... right away.
Lonnie Beale: Sure, Miss Radford.

Lonnie Beale: Stanley, if one won't start, the other won't start.
Stanley Potter: Why?
Lonnie Beale: Because they're both wet. W-E-T. Wet.

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Facts about

Man who fight's with Lonnie (Elvis Presley) is Presley's bodyguard and personal friend Red West.
While filming Elvis Presley gave his Sony video camera to director Norman Taurog. At the time those cameras were really rare in USA. Taurog liked the idea of it because with video camera he can shoot the scene himself and watch the scene before it goes to edit.
Elvis made this film in a deal with the floundering Allied Artists which saw him take a pay cut and not record any new material in exchange for 50% of the film's profits. The film was a big earner, which is credited in saving Allied Artists from bankruptcy.
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Also directed by Norman Taurog

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