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They Call It Sin (1932) was a Drama Film directed by Thornton Freeland and produced by Hal B. Wallis.

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By Terry on Aug 21, 2018 From Stardust and Shadows

STARDUST AND SHADOWS is meandering down Pre code street Theater district as? we cruise in with to look at First National film? THEY CALL IT? SIN (1932).? Has to be one of the best lurid titles for a picture along with the Burt Lancaster 1948? Film Noir? KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS? outside of the? H... Read full article

Pre-code Perversion: They Call It Sin* (1932)

By Vanessa Buttino on Apr 21, 2014 From Stardust

Pre-code Perversion: They Call It Sin* (1932) George Brent, Loretta Young, and David Manners star in They Call It Sin (1932). I think I can safely say that this is one of the only pre-codes I've seen that totally threw me for a loop come its end scene. I was literally sitting in front of th... Read full article

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Dixie Dare: Honey, why don't you get wise to yourself? This town's full of men who'd go goofy over you if you'd let 'em; so let 'em! Oh, don't take 'em too seriously; just kid 'em along and get what you can out of 'em. Say, if I had your looks I'd wear ermine underwear.
Marion Cullen: Well, maybe you would, Dixie, but I'm not the type.
Dixie Dare: You're telling me that after the way Humphries's been givin' you the eye the last three weeks?
Marion Cullen: Now you're imagining things.
Dixie Dare: So's Humphries.

Dr. Tony Travers: [to Jimmy] ... If you're going to insist on being a jackass, I'm going to turn your case over to a veterinary.

Ford Humphries: [at a nightclub bar, introductions are being made] Miss Dare, Mr. Goodrich.
Mr. Goodrich: [tipsily] Hello, baby!
Ford Humphries: Dixie, Mr. Goodrich wants to dance with you.
[Dixie starts to protest]
Ford Humphries: No, no look here - that's not fat around his middle; that's the belt he carries his money in.
Dixie Dare: [brightening] Oh, well then maybe he needs me.
[Dragging Mr. Goodrich onto the dance floor]
Dixie Dare: I'd just *love* to dance with you!
Mr. Goodrich: [befuddled] Who said I wanted to dance?
Dixie Dare: Oh, but you will!
[Goodrich continues to protest as Dixie firmly guides him onto the floor]
Ford Humphries: [alone with Marion at last] Now look here, I have to resort to bribery to get a moment alone with you!

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Also directed by Thornton Freeland

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Also produced by Hal B. Wallis

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Also released in 1932

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