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The Vikings (1958) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Richard Fleischer and produced by Jerry Bresler.

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The Vikings (1958)

By Beatrice on Sep 7, 2016 From Flickers in Time

The Vikings Directed by Richard Fleischer Written by Calder Willingham; adapted by Dale Wasserman from a novel by Edison Marshall 1958/USA Bavaria Film/Byrnapod S.A./CurtLeigh Productions First viewing/Netflix rental First you have to get past the casting of Ernest Borgnine, Kirk Douglas and Tony... Read full article


By Dan Day Jr. on Mar 22, 2016 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

I was very excited when I first heard that Kino was going to release THE VIKINGS (1958) on Blu-ray through their Studio Classics line. I hadn't seen THE VIKINGS in a while--for some reason this movie is rarely shown on television--and seeing it in HD widescreen was a treat. THE VIKINGS is pure rip-... Read full article

Valda Valkyrien: The Last of the Vikings

By Janelle Vreeland on May 10, 2013 From Curtains

Although she wasn’t born with it, during the height of her fame, the woman once dubbed the most beautiful woman in Denmark was known by just one name: Valkyrien. Her beauty and nobility made her desirable to film companies across the world, but her star fell faster and sooner than many of her ... Read full article

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Einar: [to Lord Egbert] You stay here and draw maps. I will go and kidnap the girl.

Einar: All right, you can keep the slave... for as long as you live.

Egbert: Lies will not sustain a tyrant.

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Facts about

The story has it that King Ælla killed the father of Ivar, Halfdan and Ubbe Ragnarsson by throwing him into a snake pit. Halfdan and Udde tried to avenge their father but were beaten by Ælla. In a second attack by the two brothers, some time later, Ælla was captured. It was Ivar who suggested that Ælla be killed by having the bloody eagle carved on his back.
There was actually a kingdom called Northumbria, whose history undoubtedly formed part of the basis for the novel from which the movie was made: It was formed about AD 616 by the union of two smaller kingdoms, Bernicia and Deira, with Edwin, son of the Deirian ruler Aella as its first king. In AD 867, it came under Viking control when conquered by two brothers, Ivar and Halfdan Ragnarrson, and integrated into Danelaw - a Viking kingdom already established in Britain. The now-earldom of Northumbria was later divided between two rising kingdoms, Scotland and England. The English portion becoming known as "Northumberland."
The three Viking ships in the film were designed using blueprints for an actual Viking ship salvaged from the water and restored by a Viking museum in Norway. It turned out that the boats built for the film were too accurate, because the modern actors were taller than their historical counterparts. Every other oar hole had to be plugged so the modern men would have room to row with a full oar stroke. Otherwise, they would hit the backs of the oarsmen seated in front of them when pushing the oar handles forward to start each new stroke.
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