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The Tunnel of Love (1958) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Gene Kelly and produced by Martin Melcher and Joseph Fields.

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August 'Augie' Poole: [Reading from the Real Estate section of the newspaper] Hey, listen to this: "Westport. Lovely old colonial manse. Recently renovated. With lovely gristmill and pond situated behind house in sun-drenched sylvan glen." That must be Bill Paxton's dump with the swamp in back.

August 'Augie' Poole: Maybe I'd better get a regular job, and forget about art.
Isolde Poole: Never! Never to my dying day will I let you settle for anything less than you want to be.
Isolde Poole: If Van Gogh had been married to a woman like you, he'd still have both his ears.

August 'Augie' Poole: Are you out for a world record? Can't you pass up one dame?
Dick Pepper: I have never yet gone after a woman unless she sent out a certain signal, like radar.
August 'Augie' Poole: [Glumly] I didn't notice any signal.
Dick Pepper: Your extrasensory perceptions have been dulled by years of disuse. She lit up like that sign over Madison Square Garden: "Wrestling Tonight"!

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Johnny Carson replaced Tom Ewell in the original Broadway production.
Doris Day wrote that her manager/husband Martin Melcher was terribly concerned over the box-office failure of this film and It Happened to Jane. Their failures caused Day to drop out of the Top Ten Box Office Stars. Day and Melcher had words about him hustling her into almost any film for the money instead of waiting to find good scripts that would have produced better results.
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