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The Time of Their Lives (1946) was a Comedy - Fantasy Film directed by Charles Barton .

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Abbott and Costello's The Time of Their Lives

By Rick29 on Feb 14, 2022 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

Bud and Lou in one of their few scenes together.One of Abbott and Costello's most atypical films ranks among their best. The Time of Their Lives (1946) is one of only two of the pair's movies in which they don't perform as a team. The previous year's Little Giant is the other non-comedy team picture... Read full article

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Horatio Prim: Cuthbert, Melody, it's Cuthbert! He's still alive!
Melody Allen: How can that be?
Horatio Prim: I don't know, they say only the good die young.

Melody Allen: Here's a horse pistol.
[Gives him the gun. Horatio turns to the horse behind him]
Horatio Prim: Here, this is for you.

Horatio Prim: [he and Melody collide and are wearing each other's clothes] Odds bodkins, we're all mixed up!
[they run into each other again and get back into their own clothes]
Horatio Prim: Melody, don't ever do that again, I'm a boy!

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When this film was scheduled to be shot, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were in the midst of one of their feuds, and were not speaking to each other. Consequently, the two have very few scenes where they appear together. They were also feuding when they began shooting Little Giant, which is why they also have few scenes together in that picture.
This would be the first Bud Abbott and Lou Costello feature directed by Charles Barton, who is generally regarded as their best director.
Writing in the Saturday Evening Post in 1949, Bud Abbott said this was his favorite film role, because for a change he was the butt of all the punishment, instead of Lou Costello.
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