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The Ten Commandments Overview:

The Ten Commandments (1956) was a Adventure - Drama Film directed by Cecil B. DeMille and produced by Cecil B. DeMille and Henry Wilcoxon.

The Ten Commandments was inducted into the National Film Registry in 1999.

Academy Awards 1956 --- Ceremony Number 29 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Hal Pereira, Walter H. Tyler, Albert Nozaki; Set Decoration: Samuel M. Comer, Ray Nominated
Best CinematographyLoyal GriggsNominated
Best Costume DesignEdith Head, Ralph Jester, John Jensen, Dorothy Jeakins, Arnold FribergNominated
Best Film EditingAnne BauchensNominated
Best PictureCecil B. DeMille, ProducerNominated

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Quotes from

Sethi: With so many slaves, you could build an army.
Moses: But I have built a city. These lions of Pharaoh will guard its gates, and it shall be the city of Sethi's glory.
Sethi: Are the slaves loyal to Sethi's glory or to you, Moses?
Moses: The slaves worship their God. And I serve only you.

Nefretiri: [Nefretiri is sorting through various veils and scarves] This is for the temple ceremony... this is for my wedding night!
Memnet: You will never wear it.
Nefretiri: [surprised] Why not?
Memnet: I have brought you a cloth more revealing... send them away.
Nefretiri: [nodding to her servants] Go then, while I hear what this puckered old persimmon has to say.
Memnet: For thirty years, I have been silent. Now, all the kings of Egypt, cry out to me, from their tombs, "Let no Hebrew sit upon our throne."
Nefretiri: What are you saying?
Memnet: Rameses has the blood of many kings.
Nefretiri: And Moses?
Memnet: He is lower than the dust. Not one drop of royal blood flows through his veins. He is the son of Hebrew slaves.
Nefretiri: I'll have you torn into so many pieces, even the vultures wont find them. Who hatched this lie? Rameses?
Memnet: Rameses does not know... yet.
Nefretiri: You will repeat this to Bithiah.
Memnet: Bithiah drew a slave child, from the Nile, called him son and Prince of Egypt, blinding herself to the truth and the pain of an empty womb.
Nefretiri: Were you alone, with, Bithiah?
Memnet: A little girl led me to the Hebrew woman, Yochabel, that the child might be suckled by his true mother.
Nefretiri: Take care, old frog. You croaked too much, against Moses!
Memnet: Would you mingle the blood of slaves, with your own?
Nefretiri: He will be my husband. I shall have no other.
[Memnet then shows Nefretiri the Hebrew cloth, she had been kept hidden, for thirty years. Memnet got it, when she and Bithiah, were alone]
Memnet: Then, use this, to wrap your firstborn. Torn from a Levite's robe. It was Moses' swaddling cloth.
Nefretiri: And your shrowd. Do you think I care whose son he is?
Memnet: Rameses ca

Bithiah: I am the Pharaoh's daughter, and this is my son. He shall be reared in my house, as the prince of the two lands.
Memnet: My mother and her mother before her were branded into the Pharaoh's service. I will not see you make this son of slaves a prince of Egypt.
Bithiah: You will see it, Memnet. You will see him walk with his head among the eagles. You will serve him as you serve me. Fill the ark with water sink it into silence.
[Memnet then shoved the floating ark, into the Nile, but kept the Hebrew cloth]
Bithiah: Raise your hands, Memnet. What you have buried in the Nile will remain buried in your heart. Swear it.
Memnet: I will be silent.
Bithiah: The day you break that oath will be the last your eyes shall ever see.

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Facts about

At the end of the movie, after Charlton Heston as Moses has turned over leadership of the Israelites to Joshua, he watches as the Israelites march into Caanan. At this point, Moses was supposed to have been enveloped in the fog coming down from the mountain, but the effect was never completed. As a result, Moses is shown to be standing there watching the Israelites go, and this is closer to what is related in the actual Bible than what Cecil B. DeMille originally intended.
Celluloid art created the special effects of the Red Sea parting by pouring 300,000 gallons of water into a tank and then playing the film backward.
When Yul Brynner was told he would be playing Pharaoh Rameses II, opposite of Charlton Heston's Moses and that he would be shirtless for a majority of the film, he began a rigorous weight lifting program because he did not want to be physically overshadowed by Charlton Heston (which explains his buffer than normal physique during The King and I, his other film he was acted and on, approximately a month apart, at the time of the two films, as they were started and completed.
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Best Picture Oscar 1956

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The Ten Commandments

Released 1956
Inducted 1999

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Also directed by Cecil B. DeMille

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