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The Silencers (1966) was a Comedy - Action Film directed by Phil Karlson and produced by Irving Allen.

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The Silencers (1966) with Dean Martin

By Orson De Welles on Jan 4, 2014 From Classic Film Freak

Share This! Follow Matt Helm secret agent from bedroom to bedlam with guns, girls and dynamite! Although the last generation would think of the Austin Powers series as perhaps the most popular of all the humorous tongue-in-cheek parodies of the James Bond film franchise, it is not the best. That cla... Read full article

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Matt Helm: I couldn't help noticing, but, these are your clothes?
Barbara: What if they are?
Matt Helm: Oh, I know you have a headache but don't take it out on me, I mean, what should I do with these?
Barbara: [in a breathy voice] Just throw them anywhere. I won't be needing them 'til morning.

Matt Helm: [to Tina] Making love to you is like playing Russian Roulette.

Gail Hendrix: Mr. Helm, now do I look like an enemy agent?
Matt Helm: Well I dunno, I haven't seen the latest models yet.

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In the scene where Matt Helm (Dean Martin) is checking into the Phoenix Hotel and Andreyev (Roger C. Carmel) is lurking in the foreground, the hotel newsstand is immediately behind him. The newsstand shelf is lined with books from Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm series, on which the movie is based.
The name "Tung-Tze" means "to rule" in Chinese.
The letters in the name of the BIG O criminal organization is an acronym. The organization's full name is the Brotherhood of International Government and Order.
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Also directed by Phil Karlson

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Also produced by Irving Allen

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Also released in 1966

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